Personally selected, world class partners that have special qualities, connections, and expertise.

The Results Team

Tawnya Austin – Business Manager

Has invested her career elevating high-achievers and helping take companies to the next level. Tawnya and Tony have created great results together for over a decade. She is committed to leveraging Tony’s expertise, methodology, his hand-selected team and all the TJI resources to efficiently and effectively deliver value to our clients. She helps ensure we exceed client expectations every single assignment/engagement or project.

Eloise Worden – Client Relationships

For almost a decade Eloise has connected and directed communication with both new people into the TJI world as well as our clients that go back as far as 25 years.  She’s often the first connection and links the dots. She coordinates scheduling and logistics is a way that makes it easy for our clients to work with us and maximize every minute of their time. We take our clients’ minutes seriously. Eloise combines a contagious positive attitude with a commitment to please that underscores our TJI philosophy of giving value and doing more than expected.

Carley Crago – Session Manager / Client and Public Relations

Carley works alongside Tony as a special and unique team member making sure every tool, every minute and every resource is served up to our clients so that they win. Always ready to pull from the TJI arsenal – what takes most hours or at least minutes, she pulls in seconds, helping create experiences for our clients that they can’t often believe… it’s speed and the outputs accomplished in a single session.  She’s a master at live note taking on the screen, capturing virtually every important word being strategized, as Tony often facilitates.

Sara Bowling – Project / Writer / Researcher

Helping client’s messages and presentations sing! With her Master’s degree in English from SMU, Sara utilizes her decade of experience in creating powerful ads, PowerPoint decks, unique TJI presentation tools, curriculum and course development to bring value to our clients; world. She has worked with TJI for over a decade, including a three-year stint alongside Tony daily. She thinks and performs at lightening speed helping our clients accomplish in hours what takes many agencies weeks to complete.

Tammy Kling – Publishing

TJI uses publishing different than many. We show clients how to use books, articles, columns and research reports to dramatically expand their brands, reach and efforts. Tammy brings decades of contacts and combines those with Tony’s along with her gifts of writing to help our clients leverage words…most in print format, some electronically, much in video. And for our clients, her true gift is hearing, understanding then performing. She’s helped dozens of our clients get their books from a vision to reality and often onto bestseller lists with months. Publishing is powerful and TJI enjoys the benefit of Tammy’s expertise being utilized for our clients, on an everyday basis, resulting in rave reviews.

Roland Payne – Chauffeur

As TJI’s driver, Roland is often the first impression our clients receive when they hit the Dallas area and that impression is “wow, this guy brings Tony Jeary energy.” We aim to impress our clients and are proud of our positive track record. Roland is a big part. He truly acts as a concierge to ensure each client feels welcome and taken care of uniquely. He maximizes our clients’ time and energy by transporting them in one of our personally owned vehicles making sure privacy and safety are executed.

Debbie Sheppard – Graphics Consulting and Design

TJI has its own virtual creative department to help our clients shine. We have developed a special “Marketing Audit” consisting of over 125 tools. We help our clients take a strategic look at their marketing tool chests using this audit, then immediately, in real time, Debbie brings her decade + experience working alongside Tony to the table. For what? To develop and/or update needed tools using our proven templates and customizing for efficiency. Our agency leveraging Deb’s creative gifts as a graphic artist can develop in minutes and hours what many are accustomed to getting weeks and months later. She’s connected to over 40 TJI selected vendors, publishers and duplicators to hand off creative where it can almost instantly go into production and be performing for a client’s need. Deb does it smart, fast and powerful.

Boomer Mackey – Media & Communications Coordinator

Boomer’s expertise in the world of new media and communications is utilized in continuous review of best practices and offerings that we test and have available for our clients and their team members. He is highly motivated to apply his knowledge of the social media world to stay ahead of industry trends. Thinking outside the box to help build strategies to grow our brand and execute tasks in digital marketing, Boomer applies a business mindset with his digital media skillset to promote and elevate the TJI Brand.

Jim Norman – Strategy / Coaching

Jim and Tony have collaborated for 2 decades helping supercharge organizations both domestically and around the globe. Jim, often behind the scenes, brings 4 decades of powerful business strategies to the table for our clients. He and Tony collaborated on our core methodology Strategic Acceleration that was launched as a result of Jim’s special research in 2009. Jim’s the former president of Zig Ziglar’s organization, a pivotal person who contributed to the launch of the Peter Lowe Results Seminars for 2 decades and a successful business man in multiple industries. He brings one of the most impactful minds around for driving business results, to our clients, directly, with and through Tony himself.

Brett Duncan – Marketing and Communications Strategies

Brett experienced the benefits of Tony and the TJI team as a client, beginning in 2011. Now, he helps lead the marketing and communications efforts of TJI in ways that continuously increase exposure to Tony’s unique value. Brett Duncan has served as a marketing leader at several companies prior to his involvement with TJI, primarily in the direct selling industry. He most recently served as Vice President of Global Marketing for a major direct sales company in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. His years of leadership and management over all facets of marketing and communication, including online marketing, lead generation, strategic positioning and campaign planning, bring a huge advantage to the TJI team and its clients. Ultimately, Brett is passionate about energizing ideas by applying practical and intensely effective marketing planning and services.

TJI as an “extended resource” agency also draws from more than 20,000 of Tony’s personal contacts as additional team members, to make execution happen for our client base.

Ryan Boyer – Operations & Research Analyst

Ryan has a special gift that’s been used with TJI best practices to extract the core “value” from reports, research, and even books. He conducts extensive research on a daily basis for Tony, reviewing such things as client competition, trends and best practices so that when we meet with our clients we have pre developed tools to expand their thinking, shorten their time to learn and allowing them to be briefed, stronger and ready to excel. We do things ahead, smartly and with speed so our clients are a step ahead.

Lindsey Cope – Operations Manager

Tony’s Calendar is managed by the minute to ensure that our client’s needs for his touch and timing are met. Lindsey coordinates, organizes, sorts, prepares, and helps ensure that Tony’s resources, best practices, and processes are ready to deliver virtually 24/7. With tireless energy, she is ready to flex for our clients as fast as the world moves; Lindsey brings her commitment to clients winning to the table daily.




Tony’s clients are from around the globe and he has established counter parts that he’s worked with for over a decade in strategic parts of the world. These individuals know Tony’s methodologies and often co-author with him and joint venture on various assignments and opportunities.

Rony Jerusalmi is Tony’s counterpart from Mexico City. Fluent in English and educated at the University of Miami, he has co-authored, culturized and published the Spanish version of many of Tony’s most popular titles. Rony has 15+ years of experience coaching companies in Mexico, Latin America and the US Hispanic Market and teams up with Tony to speak simultaneously, video record split English/Spanish resources and to assist in driving clients’ messages at rapid speed in Spanish.

Lysander Chen has been a partner in China and other Asian countries for the past 15 years. He has assisted in many multi-national projects to serve as interpreter, consultant and liaison with Fortune 500 companies. His expertise in the world of performance is both wide and long, and he is a sought-after resource by many of the largest organizations in the world.

Masanori Izumida-san has been a strategic partner in Japan for the past decade. He has assisted in multiple projects to serve as interpreter, consultant, and liaison with Fortune 500 companies. He has also worked with TJI to provide the Caliper personality profiles for hundreds of organizations, both domestic and abroad.

Ross Lightle & Krysta Friesen have partnered to bring our methodologies into Canada with many of their clients and have connected us globally with others. Their expertise, particularly in the real estate industry, puts them in the top of their league in production, training and coaching.