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Areas of Focus


At Tony’s private Strategic Acceleration Studio we have perfected a unique ability to utilize “Live Note Capture”.  Combine this with 25+ years of disciplined and organized business acumen to build a solid business strategy, and the result is our clients compress 3 days of meetings into a single day. The client receives:

  • Defined and Clear Visions
  • Focused Objectives
  • Synergized Leadership Teams
  • Simple, User-Friendly Formats using Tony’s Proprietary Processes and Templates ready for both: Cascading to Entire Organizations and Keeping Teams Accountable to Execution

Note: Tony’s Strategic Acceleration Studio can become available to your organization with a “Collaborative Engagement” – which means utilize it for a specialized strategy session like Peer Groups:  During these strategy sessions we quickly uncover or develop benchmarked best practices from selected stakeholders.  These are documented and positioned for better decision-making which advances transfer of things that work to the entire organization.


Annual Meetings, Tradeshows, User Conferences and many other events are a major investment for organizations and few truly are strategic to the level they could be to insure returns are maximized at all three stages of any event;

  1. Prep/invites/communication prior to the show stage
  2. The actual event, booth show time, break out , presentations
  3. Follow up

TJI has participated, advised, organized, promoted, emceed and managed  hundreds of events around the globe, working independently for and with some of the largest agencies on the planet as a tier 2 supplier. This experience puts Tony in a unique position to bring powerful strategic value to any size event. The largest to date was a 28 day meeting with a budget well over 25 million. He knows the tricks, what to avoid, and how to really maximize budget spent, so each and every event has both strong ROI and ROE (Return on Efforts).


Training and organizational development should have a seat at the board level. So many look at it as an expense that can be whittled away in tight times, failing to understand the strategic implications. Tony Jeary is the only person in the world who has teamed up with and co-authored with the president of the largest training organization in the world; ASTD (American Society of Training and Development). Tony teamed up specifically to build a book called “Presentation Learning” that spells out both authors passion for training. During the 90s Tony polished his training expertise he shares today with offices in Asia, CA, Michigan and Texas designing, developing and delivering over hundreds of major training initiatives, in every major language and in over 30 countries. Today, Tony continues to leverage this expertise in a variety of areas for TJI clients, including:

A.  Strategic Acceleration™ Language, Concepts and Methodology

We impact cultures! We bring our core methodology of clarity, focus and execution to our clients and forever change the thinking, intentionality and strategic pace of the organization we partner with.

B.  Presentation Mastery™ 

Based on Tony’s best-selling book, Life is a Series of Presentations, 15 of his other published books on the subject and our proprietary software we:

  • Positively impact new business opportunities through increasing closing ratios and aligning with all major sales processes
  • Strategically align brand with marketing efforts for more congruency therefore linking sales departments and marketing departments so they work together at the highest levels